Dr. Mirasol Delmar

Founder - Psychotherapist


Mirasol has done extensive training and projects in clinical and organizational enterprises. As Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, she focuses her consultancy on psychotherapy and counselling, stress management, family wellness, family-owned business coaching, executive coaching, leadership, effective communication, training performance and resilience psychology to corporate organizations. She founded and directs the team at TASE to offer premium psychological services to the community. She has trained staff in Singapore and Indonesia in Peak Performance, Systems Thinking and Resiliency in the public and private sector organizations. As a Coach-Based Consultant and Legacy Leadership Trainer, Mirasol has coached various executives in diverse organizations.


Mirasol has lectured in the tertiary institutions in Singapore like Nanyang Polytechnic and Nge Ann Polytechnic with a focus on adolescents behavioral and emotional coaching. She has worked with numerous parents on handling stress, communication within the family and building personal resilience on children and adults. She runs regular parent support groups, workshops and trainings at her center as well as in various schools. Earlier in her professional career, Mirasol specialized as a highly experienced educational consultant and curriculum developer for children education and development.