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"The Power of Group Psychotherapy for Sustainable Change"


As psychologists, psychotherapists, consultants and educators, we all aim to effect lasting change. Yet we often encounter promising approaches that eventually fizzle out to mere cosmetic change. Numerous superficial changes involve just a turning away from this reality to another state of altered consciousness. It doesn't work exactly due to its denial quality. Alcohol, drugs and any other stimulating substances or activities also do the same. While enjoying some level of such escape is fine, the overdose of such escape risk dependence and addiction. The way to life is always about going through the experiences of sweat and tears. Authentic changes involve some level of painful adjustments. Specifically, one needs to be held by the presence of trusted people and contain the emotional turbulence and accept these upheavals as normal and natural. Then with well facilitated therapeutic dialogues, we begin to detect our own blind spots and patterns of behaviors. In such an experience, one confront the reality with care and compassion. The aim is personal development. This in essence is what group psychotherapy is about. The frame of reference is a gentle appreciation of how our past experiences especially in earlier years affect our memories, thoughts and emotions. Then we support each other to uncover the patterns we detect among one another. The group psychotherapist work is to facilitate such a process. Learn how to apply this amazing approach in enhancing personal growth and expansion from an American trained Group and Individual Consultant Psychotherapist practicing in Singapore and Jakarta since 2001. 


Facilitator: Richard Lim is a Group and Individual Consultant Psychotherapist in private practice in Singapore (The Relational) and Jakarta (TASE). He is the President of the Psychotherapy Association of Singapore (PAS) and the Vice President of the Association of Group & Individual Psychotherapy of Singapore (AGIP). He is also a Clinical Member of the American Group Psychotherapy Association (AGPA) and a Clinical Supervisor of American Psychological Association (APA). Richard attends to individuals and couples with challenges in mood disorders and relationship disruptions. He is a specialist in applying psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and body awareness approaches. Richard is a senior consultant for the Singapore government and numerous organizations in business sector in the field of resilience, performance and wellness.




1. Understanding the Psychodynamics of Life and Work

2. Managing the Reality of Transference and Countertransference

3. Why Group Psychotherapy? Does it Work?

4. Entering the Group Process

5. Debriefing the Group Process

6. Appreciating the Depth of Authentic Change