Teacher Parent Coaching Practice Workshops

Many teachers, parents and caregivers assume that attending to children and teens is about teaching them the right values and behaviour and then monitor them to ensure compliance. If compliance is missing, they would then issue disciplinary measures to create submission. All these sound right and logical. But they don’t work. The simple reason is that these assumptions are not based on the reality of child developmental needs and stages.


Generally children and teens do not deliberately misbehave to create nuisance for adults. The fact is most are not able to express their real needs in a way that makes sense to adults. Therefore when adults see emotional tantrums from them, we often react by becoming stern and authoritarian to force compliance as we see such misbehaviour as a test of our authority. The fact is that children including teens do often feel lonely, anxious, fearful, confused and at times physically unwell but they may not be able to convey these feelings appropriately in adult language.


How can we understand child development and needs and to help ourselves and other teachers and parents effectively attend to children and teens based on proven and tested approaches and techniques? This series of four workshops are designed to achieve exactly that.

At the end of the series, you will be able to :

  1. Comprehend child development and needs with psychological depth.
  2. Apply approaches and techniques of communication and discipline that truly work.
  3. Assist other teachers and parents achieve results in their work with children and teens.
  4. Develop a deeper self-awareness and competence to ensure lifelong development for personal and family wellness


Module One

How to Help Children Achieve Effective Self-Regulation for Healthy Childhood


  • Learn your child’s development with brain science
  • Understand the world of the children and their needs
  • Master emotion-based communication with children
  • Conduct no-drama discipline techniques that work


Module Two

How to Coach Teens Achieve Maturity for Adulthood

Topics :

  • Learn your teen’s development with brain science
  • Understand the world of the teens and their needs
  • Master coaching communication with teens
  • Conduct no-drama discipline techniques that work


Module Three

How to upgrade your Communication Skills for Effective Bonding

Topics :

  • Learn your communication style for flexible application
  • Master deep listening ability for emotional connection
  • Enhance calm and clarity to generate energy
  • Navigate and negotiate through conflicts effectively


Module Four

How Personal Development, Couple Action and Community Support Facilitate Child Minding

Topics :

  • Cultivate passion for growth and wellness
  • Develop united couple action for shared commitment
  • Build group support for resilience and meaning
  • Expand learning and experience