Develop The Excellent Child With Body Awareness

Develop The Excellent Child with Body Awareness

It is important to note that the education programs in most schools is insufficient in the cultivation of genuine self-confidence. The key reason for this is a lack of focus on stimulating and developing the right side of the brain that drives emotional and creative excellence. This usually result in creating children who may be academically competent but socially and emotionally unable to cope well with life and work. TASE aims to provide the training to truly boost your child's healthy development. Our body awareness program is designed to ensure your child excel with genuine confidence, cultivate an entrepreneur mindset that achieve successful career and  life.


What is Body Awareness program ?

We integrate fluid body movements, drama techniques and transformative storytelling to effectively boost your child's self esteem and confidence for superb better performance in all aspects of school and life.


Why Body Awareness ?

This program critically meet the child's need for safety, warmth and exploration for health development. we ensure a strong foundation for child's eventual excellent life and work. Body awareness specifically boost emotional intelligence that greatly predicts career and relationship success. We effectively enhance your child's capability to form an entrepreneurial mindset with great leadership skills. 


How is the Body Awareness program conducted ?

Our professional team of Psychologists and Therapists work exclusively with a small group in highly interactive and engaging way. And this is definitely fun too.


Who is this Body Awareness program for ?

Kids Level : aged 8 - 12

Junior Level : 13 - 16