Couple Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Marital problems do not occur overnight. They take time to develop. When you and your partner do not talk about hurt feelings, they eventually turn into resentment. The next stage is "emotional deadening." In this stage, you feel like roommates instead of intimate partners.

Once the stage is reached, a couple's ability to connect and be vulnerable with one another will deteriorate. It may then seem like there is little or no hope for the relationship. You may feel alone, even though you are still involved in an intimate relationship.

Couple therapy and marriage counselling can help change patterns in unhealthy relationships. Our trained therapists can help remove the blocks to intimacy and assist you in re-establishing the bonds of closeness. We can help couples deal effectively with:

  • Chronic arguments between partners or spouses
  • Parenting disagreements
  • Money problems or financial disagreements with spouse or partner
  • Problems with extended family members
  • Living with a difficult and critical partner
  • Struggles to balance family and work responsibilities
  • Infidelity and affair recovery
  • Sexual problems in relationship
  • Finding the right partner
  • Building intimacy
  • Infertility issues
  • Improving communication